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Our Services

We are a full service private investigation firm that can handle any case. What makes us unique is that we specialize in the following services.

Wrongly Accused

Nothing is more important than your reputation. At times large organizations are willing to sacrifice a person’s honor in order to protect the institution. Doubling down on mistakes is a common reaction often used by an incompetent system. Clear Path Forward will expose any faulty or malicious claims against our clients.

Medical & Mental Health Advocate

Our medical professional can sit in on doctor appointments, take notes, answer questions, and advise clients throughout a medical or mental health crisis. Ensuring your Patients Bill of Rights is protected and respected at all times is our top priority.

Sexual Assault Victims Advocate

Our investigators and medical professionals work tirelessly to provide kind, sensitive support while simultaneously aggressively operating a complete and thorough investigation for our clients. Let Clear Path Forward present a strongly investigated case to the police when you are ready to report. You are in charge!

Mitigation Investigations

Let Clear Path Forward find records, photos, and people that reveal the entire picture of a client’s life. Cultivating information through interviews and document gathering offers insightful details often crucial during sentencing.

Elder Care Advocate

Background checks on caregivers is a must. Investigations of senior living communities, nursing homes, hospitals, along with fraud and exploitation is our forte.  Elderly parents often have many challenges. Let our investigators and medical professionals remove the stress and help you provide safe and kind surroundings for your loved one.

Domestic Violence & Child Custody

Uncovering valid facts and exposing falsity to the courts is the job of an excellent investigator. Children’s safety and well being is everyone’s concern, and no one understands the importance of this more than the investigators at Clear Path Forward. Let us help you provide a safe home for yourself and your children by uncovering the reality of your situation.

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